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5 Indicators You Are Living "In Flow"

We talk about "going with the flow" as an aspirational ideal. It suggests that we be at ease with the course of our life. This is not to suggest that we just let go and not care - there is a difference between being apathetic, and being In Flow. Being In Flow is when we are cognoscente to the path of our "life's purpose", and are fluid with that purpose. It has you in service to this remarkable existence. And with that comes the most awesome gifts. Your life has you soaring. It sets you on fire! How do you know you are living in flow with your Life's Purpose?

Let me preface this with the statement that I am no expert on matters of the universe and its workings. And I am painfully aware of my birth privilege. All I can share is my personal experience and hope some can relate. I've had 36 years on this planet and have experienced some beautiful stages of being in flow - like right now. Yay!! But mostly I've experienced the opposite. Resisting my calling, living in fear, living by society's expectations of me. And it's been painful. I've dulled the pain with alcohol, distracted myself with toxic relationships, and satisfied the need for joy with tasty but unhealthy food. And it really worked!

I've also poured my heart, soul and so much time in to careers that were not my path. There have been some very valuable lessons along the way and none of it has been in vain. The tagline quote I chose for this website was "Let your life be your message" - this is Ayurveda's 21st spiritual instruction. When you are in flow, every pursuit and behaviour you engage in becomes your message. And it's a message that just absolutely LIGHTS YOU UP!! And since I have so much experience of not being in flow to compare it to, here's a few crystal clear indicators that have confirmed for me that I am now Living In Flow with my life's purpose and my spirit's deepest desires...

1. If it feels right, it probably is...

You know that felling when all you want to do it press snooze? "Don't make me get up and do that thing I hate" is the first thing on your mind in the morning. The commute to work is hell, and then a song comes on the radio and before you know it you're in tears. That song for me was Evanessence "Bring me to Life"....ok, so early 00s pop rock may not be cool any more, but go and listen to that song. When you are not in flow, you feel dead inside. You are in a sleep...a coma. You want to be woken up but you don't know how! You feel it in your stomach. Your heart. Your head. You develop sickness (more on that later...). Something just doesn't feel right. Your chakras are telling you they are blocked and being ignored. 

When you are in flow, life FEELS very different. Colours look brighter, you notice smiles rather than frowns. You see glasses half full all over the place. You can sit and ask yourself "Is this what I should be doing?" and your answer is an undoubtable "YES"! When someone asks you what you do, you get butterflies in your stomach talking about it. You get goosebumps. There are some people sitting there saying "that's ridiculous, who gets goosebumps talking about their job?". Believe me, I know people that have government office jobs and they get goosebumps, because they are so passionate about what they do. My tax accountant talks like he is doing cartwheels, because he is so excited by what he does. 

Learn to trust your intuition, that little voice inside, that little feeling you get when you are on the right track. It is there for a reason. And if it feels right, it probably is.

2. Your vibe attracts your tribe...

The first time I heard this quote the biggest light bulb moment just lit up my world. When you are in resistance you tend to attract people and relationships that are trying to say "wake up!!!". And worst of all, we tend to attract the most volatile in to our closest circle. I am a kind and loving person, and yet I have spent many years in some really painful relationships. And the worst part is we tend to BLAME the other person for our misery. Our pain is always someone else's fault when we are not in flow. 

When you are in flow the people you attract on the journey fit in to your flow like jigsaw pieces. The people that support you gravitate closer and just beam with joy to see your happiness. A happy soul can only smile when it sees another happy soul.

When you're in flow, you also discover new people appear. Perfectly aligned happy souls join your path when you least expect it and provide loud and clear confirmation that you are on your path. Your circle grows. People that aren't aligned depart and leave space for new spirits to join and make their energetic contribution to your offering - and you to theirs. Together a wave is created and we all ride the flow like Fanning.

How do you know you have met those people - the people to ride your wave with? The Celestine Prophecy talks about the flow of conversation. When you are on your path, conversation flows like a beautiful song. There is so much understanding in the interactions you have with others. While you are sharing many verbal words, there is an even DEEPER exchange of knowledge happening on the spirit level. You can FEEL it in your heart as it expands and in your gut as your solar plexus screams YES YES YES. That's why we get butterflies. That's our solar plexus telling us this interaction is leading us further down our true path!!

But please, do not forget those that are floundering in life. At the very least we should pray and meditate to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and wish happiness and peace for all beings. And for some, life's purpose is to serve those that are not and will never be in flow this time around. It is our Dharma as humans to love ALL beings. 

3. Your leap of faith is caught...

Many of us are not living in flow because we're held back by fear. Fear of what we may lose. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Many of us stay in jobs and situations that make us MISERABLE, out of fear. When you answer your calling, face that fear square in the face and take the leap any way, the universe catches you. Sometimes, the calling is so strong, you have no choice. You get pushed. At 30, after a very tumultuous 2 years that left me emotionally and financially BROKE (thanks Saturn return), I found myself in yet another corporate job in Sydney. This time, in the basement of a shopping centre on the Centre Management executive team. I had no windows in my office. I was literally in an underground carpark. A fluorescent light filled bunker. If we were bombed, I would have been fine. But the pay was good and I thought that was what I needed at the time. 6-months in to that job a dear friend invited me to her wedding in COMO, ITALY. I ignited like a bonfire. I wanted to take that trip so so badly (and never come back). And not just for the fun...I had never been to Europe, and I knew it held something for me that I could only experience by being there. But sadly, I could not afford that trip. I put together a budget and worked out that if I lived on 2-minute noodles for 3 months straight I may have afforded it, if there was a camping ground I could stay in....I was gutted. From this point, I knew I had to get out of my current situation. I had to leave everything behind and travel. Travel became the absolute most important thing in my whole life and I spent hours plotting how I was going to manage it. And then within another couple months a redundancy package, that can only be described as heaven sent, was dropped in my lap. So now I had no job and a bunch of money. PERFECT! One of the last conversations I had with my soon to be ex-boss went something like this...

Boss: "so what are you going to do now?".

Me: "I'm going to Europe"

Boss: "How old are you now? 30? Shouldn't you be thinking about property or something?"

Me: "Nah, I'll be fine"

Boss: "Oh dear"

When I truly listened to myself, travel was the absolute most important thing in my life at that time. Spending every penny on it was the only thing that felt right. And I am so glad I did. I don't regret one of those pennies. Within a week of announcing my redundancy I was offered a job in Canada (for a travel marketing company no less), they paid to relocate my stuff, and they were happy to give me 3-months in Europe before I started. This adventure brought me so much joy and growth over the next 2 years, and I met my husband in Canada.

Trust that your true path will be provided for. And don't be shy about what that path may be, however weird it sounds in your head when it whispers to you. If you had told me 12-months ago that I would be making healing, meditation jewellery and studying to be a yoga teacher I would have laughed out loud, followed by a sentence that included the word "ridiculous!!". But here I am, doing exactly that and so damn happy for it. It's not going to make me rich in dollars, but I am rich in peace - and that is the true currency.

4. You are physically well...

Please take this with a grain of salt. We can't always be well all the time. Sickness is a way of the body clearing toxins or forcing us to rest. And not all sickness is caused by our inability to get in flow. That said, if you are walking your life's purpose and in flow, your body tends not to get in the way. If only for the simple fact that when you are living your dream, you are happy right down to your core and not attracted to activities or substances that will harm your temple. Your body and your soul intuitively knows what's good for it, and resists that which does not serve it. Because all your soul, angels, guardians, higher self and the universe want for you, is a beautiful existence.

5. Astrology makes sense...

I can not and never have been able to deny the accuracy and relevance of astrology. Find yourself an astrologer that you like. Subscribe to their monthly emails or newsletters (I LOVE and read their interpretations of the monthly cycles and how they will be impacting your flow. When you are in flow, these cycles make SO MUCH SENSE and they truly affect you. And best of all, you can harness them. Through the power of meditation, intention setting and then riding the wave of the coming full or new moon, it's pretty exciting what I've been able to achieve, even in the space of a week.

I have had readings in my past that didn't make sense until a decade later. For some reason the messages have stuck with me, and I've scratched my head for years...and then poof!!! It all falls in to place once you finally get in to your flow.

When you are not aligned, the astral movements will also not align with you. You will sense a real frustration with the pace of life and an unease that you don't know what's around the corner. There is a much greater and supremely perfect universe out there. We are but a speck within it, and yet we are it in its entirety. If we resist the cycles and flow of the universe, it just doesn't make sense.


And that's it! easy right?! Look, getting in flow is a beautiful thing, but it is something that needs to be maintained. Diligent work continues to keep your chakras clear and continues to keep your eye on your highest purpose. Your offering that best serves the world and truly gets the most lessons out of this time around is a commitment you make. But when you are doing this work in flow, it is all sweet like honey.

So, you're NOT in flow...what needs to change to get in flow? Again, I'm no expert about what may work for you or what your individual path is, but here's a few gentle ideas to get started with:

- Meditation: If you have not meditated in the past, that's fine. It takes every one practice to be comfortable with it and find a style they like. There are so many wonderful apps and Youtube videos out there these days. Just 5-10 minutes a day. Your practice starts now!

- Yoga: It is everywhere now. Yoga studios are generally the most amazing and welcoming places on earth. Just walk in and give it a go. Once you get on that mat it will delight you at how much time and introspection you get with yourself. It's a transformative practice in our hectic lives, and one that will eventually lead you to your path if you are not already on it.

- Energetic healings - for example, Reiki. Reiki is very gentle and non-invasive form of healing. And incredible healers of all shapes and sizes are becoming more and more accessible these days. If you don't know of one, start asking around. Please contact me if you feel the calling for Reiki from me as I am Level 2 Reiki attuned. Reiki can be done from a distance. Oceans are no barrier!!

- Journal - start with gratitude journalling, and carry on writing down as much as you can about your life, your dreams and your plans. Do vision boards. Your calling will reveal itself through your inner voice.

- Honour your senses - eat healthy food, cut out commercial tv, destructive social media, spend some time in nature, laugh, cuddle, drink lots of water, be mindful of the entertainment you engage in, drink less alcohol, quit smoking. All these things help to free your senses so they can attune to your calling.

For some of us, if our life's purpose is close to being realised and we're just not getting it, we may have a major life crisis - it is in our deepest pain that we sometimes find our greatest calling. Life may deal you an event that just totally lays you bear. This is your higher self, your guardians and your angels working together to push you out of your coma and get you in flow. And they are there to support you. Turn to them. These times are really difficult, and there's only two ways to come through - either worse off, or like a Phoenix from the ashes you will rise an absolutely reborn powerful, source-light shining being (well, that's what it will feel like!).

So don't be scared of living in flow. It is accessible to all of us. And even if all this sounds like work, once you jump in that canoe and row down that river, the flow will just take you and you will be in BLISS! Om Shanti