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About Malas

What Are Mala Beads

"Mala Beads for meditation...or just because they're beautiful"

Mala beads are not only adored for their unique beauty, but they are powerful spiritual adornments that can be tailored for specific healing, meditative or supportive purposes. The aesthetic and energetic possibilities are endless. 

--- What are Mala Beads? ---

Mala Beads are a meditation tool used by yogis, Buddhists and Hindus to repeat mantras during intention setting meditation. Much like a rosary bead, the user will run the 108 beads through their fingers as they recite their mantra.

The power of intention setting combined with the high vibrational materials like gemstones, rudraksha and sandalwood means malas are more than just decoration, but powerful healing tools for the wearer's spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical body.

YOUR Mala, the one that is destined for you, will call you. It will speak your language and find its way in to your heart, no matter how that happens. Whether you buy it, make it or it is gifted - YOUR Mala is your soul mate.

--- Why 108 + 1 beads? ---

Using Mala BeadsTraditionally Malas have 108 beads for repeating mantras or the names of deities during meditation, plus one guru bead where the intentions are held. It is said that if a 108 Mala does not have a guru bead the energy will become cyclical and the wearer may become dizzy.
108 is a significant number in dharmic culture and is said to represent the 108 kleshas, or emotional afflictions one must over come for enlightenment. Vedic culture viewed 108 as the number of the wholeness of existence!
108 is a sacred number. It is what defines a Mala. One recognises a spider as only he has 8 legs.

For centuries yogis have used mala beads for meditation. The sacred rudraksha seeds have a healing quality and protect the wearer from negative thought patterns. As I continue my yoga teaching studies I learn more and more about the benefits of meditation, and continue to experience the benefits in my own life. 

--- Using Mala Beads ---

If you want to use your mala beads as more than just beautiful adornments, here's a simple guide to japa meditation:

1. Prepare yourself for meditation - Get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe freely and deeply, preferably from the diaphragm through the nose.

2. Set a personal, positive, simple and specific intention in your mind. For example "I am loved", "I am confident and at peace with my life", "I am healthy and free of pain", "I attract abundance in to my life". Or you may have a favourite sanskrit mantra, eg: Om Mani Padme Hum.

3. Take the mala beads in your right hand. As you run your mala beads through your fingers repeat your intention/mantra a single time for each bead. Or as many times as you can manage.

Remember, meditation takes practice and is a gentle process. Be kind to yourself and allow the mala beads to support you in your meditative practice. OR, simply wear them because they are beautiful and you deserve them ;)

--- Caring for your Mala Beads ---

Clearing sage smudging mala beadsMala beads are a tool that are meant to be used - hopefully regularly. For that reason all Ava Jewels malas are strung on thick, German-design silk thread and hand knotted between each bead for extra strength. Due to the hands on use your mala will get, it may not last forever. It is believed that if a mala breaks, it has served its purpose and has balanced your karma. It may have absorbed all the energy it can. Allow your mala to be at peace, and consider replacing her. There is also the belief that it's time for her rebirth, a time of rest, clearing, and then restringing. I am available to restring your mala, so please contact me if you would like to discuss this.

CLEARING: Malas, like any high vibrational healing tool, omit, absorb, carry and clear energy. They need a little love and cleansing from time to time. Sage and Palo Santo are both beautiful to use for clearing negative energies from your mala as well as your precious gemstones, spaces and self. Simply light a Sage or Palo Santo smudge stick and wave the smoke in a clockwise direction over the mala.

CHARGING: There is nothing like a full moon charge to get your intentions and malas vibing!! Place your mala outside or in the window on the night of a full moon and allow her to bask in its light. Consider setting some intentions for the new cycle coming in, and even read up on the significance of the particular full moon you are charging her in. An excellent site for monthly astral updates is Mystic Mamma.

Browse my store for the carefully designed stock pieces. Or, consider custom designing your very own piece. I work primarily with rudraksha, sandalwood and semi-precious gemstones (crystals), but I can source and make whatever you desire!