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Temporary Mala Shop closure

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Spring is nearly here, and so starting Saturday 1st Sept I will be doing some spring cleaning in the mala shop, focusing on upcoming workshops and finally creating a new collection that has been begging to be released for months. The mala shop will be closed temporarily and I will be sure to notify you as soon as it reopens with new beauties to share.
Sometimes it is crucial to step back in order to move forward.
Dedicating time and focus to these new creations ensures I will be offering you my very best work. There are also a few new gems I haven't worked with before and I can't wait to just sit with them and hear what they have to share! I promise it will be worth it. In the meantime, bracelets and necklaces are still available. And mala orders are still being taken right up until the mala shop closure. 
I truly can't wait to share the new collection with you. Be sure to subscribe so you receive the first notification of the shop reopen. See you on the other side beauties!